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Trust Issues in a Relationship Can Destroy Your Life – Seek Help Now.

Trust Issues in a Relationship
You were on cloud nine, leading a happy and fulfilling life with your partner you loved so much – an ideal Muslim couple in the UK, who had received the gift of Allah’s blessings by following the Islamic principles and traditions in all walks of life.
And then something changed. Your partner does not seem to be the same person they used to be. He/she seems to be hiding something. Don’t they love you anymore? Are they having an affair? Is there an element of adultery (zina) which may have been going on for a long time and you were just too blind to see? Are they stealing from you? Is there a conspiracy you should know about? More and more questions keep polluting your mind – you are being bombarded by an unending stream of thoughts clouding your happiness and peace of mind.
What do you do? Who can you turn to for help? Read on to see how to get out of this situation.

How Can You Address Trust Issues in a Relationship (Especially Marriage)?

Trust issues in a relationship in UK Muslim couples are mostly the result of a gap in communication, or someone getting distracted from the teachings of Islam. You and your partner had gone through a proper Islamic Marriage (Nikah) after ensuring you felt comfortable living your life with this person. However, as you got in the grind of married life, expectations and responsibilities of being a good husband/wife left little room for you to be confidant partners.
You don’t talk much anymore, with both of you going about your daily routine quietly, and this lack of communication is the biggest cause of trust issues in a relationship. Since you are a Muslim, you have the advantage of Islam’s teachings. You have the gift of Allah’s blessings, and your faith can help you come out of this unhappy situation.
Most times, consulting an Islamic scholar to discuss your confusions and questions can help you solve the trust issues in a relationship. A trained Sharia marriage counsellor can help you see the situation in a new light. There may be genuine reasons for you questioning the trust of your partner, but it is also possible that there may be no grounds for your doubts. You don’t want to have your married life end in divorce (Talaq or Khula) without giving yourself and your partner a fair chance to resolve your marital trust issues.
Our Sharia Office provides excellent Muslim marital counselling & mediation for handling trust issues in a relationship. We have a lot of experience in dealing with all sorts of difficult situations that arise in Muslim married couples living in the UK. Request a call back and get the help you need.

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