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Islamic Mediation and Counselling

Islamic Mediation & Counselling

Life in the UK may lead to issues in Muslim marriages. Are you faced with any problems in marriage that are destroying your piece of mind and quality of life? Do you want to live in as a happy and ideal Muslim couple? Seek Islamic counselling to solve your marital woes – fill this form now.

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Muslims born and raised in Islamic countries are consciously and subconsciously exposed to environments where they keep absorbing the laws, principles and traditions of Islam. They, thus, grow into young men and women who are aware of the customs of their religion, follow Allah’s path and are led by their faith’s guidance.
Unfortunately, people who are moved away from a wholesome Islamic environment have to make extra efforts to ensure they stay compliant to Sharia law as they lead their day-to-day lives in a foreign country.
As a Muslim couple living in the UK, it gets very confusing as you see the western married couples lead a completely different life, follow their own set of beliefs and partake in activities that one or both partners may also find tempting. This may potentially lead to friction in your marriage if one partner is more fixated on following the teachings of Islam than the other who may want to take more liberties.
In some cases, things get so bad that you have to eventually resort to Islamic divorce (by following the Talaq or Khula procedures, based on which of the partners initiates the proceedings for annulment of marriage).
Divorce is not an easy process to go through and you have to live with the consequences and bitterness for the rest of your life, and it also impacts the children, if any are born in this relationship, negatively. Give your married life another chance – request a call back to seek Sharia law mediation and counselling. We serve the entire UK Muslim community from our offices in Bradford, Rotherham and Dewsbury.

Why do you need Islamic counselling in the UK?

As reflected in many “ahadith” or the sayings of the holy prophet, “at-ta’arrub ba’d al-hijra” refers to moving to a place where you could have followed an Islamic lifestyle to a place where you risk straying from the path of Allah. The institution of marriage, in particular, goes through lots of ups and downs in a foreign land where the couple is constantly dealing and interacting with the non-Islamic world. Muslim counselling is the best solution to problems that may raise their ugly head in Islamic marriages.
When you are young, you look at life differently than after you perform the “Nikah” and turn into husband and wife, who now have specific duties not only towards each other, but concerning the other members of the family as well. This gets even harder and confusing for couples in the western countries like the UK, where the western society may look at spousal roles differently than a traditional Islamic country.
What makes it even more difficult is that either the husband or wife, or both may not know the teachings of Quran to help them lead peaceful and happy married lives while seeking Allah’s blessings by following the Islamic way of life. If they had grown up in traditional Muslim cultures, it would have been easier for them to lead more purposeful lives together after their Nikah, while correctly discharging their duties as a responsible married couple, per Sharia law – leaving no room for confusions and frustrations.
Our Sharia Office was started with the goal of providing Muslim counselling & mediation to couples in the UK Muslim community, so they can stay true to their faith while discharging their regular duties as husband and wife and staying faithful to each other. Request a call back and let our dedicated and qualified Sharia Law experts help you solve your marital issues and lead a more fulfilling life together.

What aspects of married life in the UK require Muslim counselling?

Now that we have spoken of why the married Muslim couples in the UK need Islamic counselling, let us turn our attention to some specific aspects of married life that can benefit from Muslim counselling.

Sexual Issues

Sex is an integral part of marriage in Islam and Sharia law. Quran lays down the guidelines to ensure that both the partners engage in the pleasures of life to keep the vigour, freshness and compassion in their marriage going. If any of the partners is inadequate or not interested in sex, seeking Allah’s blessings, and following the advice of a qualified and experienced Sharia Mufti can change your married life for the better.


The western way of life in the UK and temptations of flesh may lead to either husband or wife losing their way and indulge in acts of adultery. Adultery is a sin in the eyes of Islam, and it can create havoc in Muslim marriages.
As a follower of Allah’s teachings, you must avoid everything that may lead to adultery, such as visiting wrong places and indulging in bad conversations that may lead to this sin. Both husband and wife should also be careful with their imaginations as it is the vision inside the brain that makes the sin look tempting and you lose your inhibitions, whereas the truth is that the rewards you will reap in the next world by not sinning are much higher than what you can imagine.
Getting good Sharia counselling and mediation can help both the husband and wife stay away from sins like adultery, or deal with the aftermath if such an act has occurred.


Money plays a bigger role in the western countries like the UK compared to the much simpler Islamic lives married couples lead in traditional Muslim countries.
It gets even more complicated if the wife is earning too and conflicts may arise that have to do with sharing household expenses or splitting the money. In cases where the wife may not be earning, she may still not be happy with the husband’s earnings or his contribution towards domestic expenses, children or the wife herself. Such situations, though look complicated and lead to frequent domestic quarrels, can be easily handled by seeking the guidance of a Sharia counsellor and mediator.
No matter what marital questions or problems you are faced with, you can count on our experienced, qualified, trustworthy and highly respected Sharia experts to help you find the right Islamic way, and mediate for any conflicts between the husband and wife.
We provide our counselling services for married couples at a very affordable fee of £50/hour (with additional discounts for block bookings). Click here to request a call back to discuss your marital woes and find solutions that lead to a better life, based on the teachings of Islam.

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