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Are you looking for an Islamic Sharia council in the UK to seek counselling or mediation with a complicated marital situation? Or are you going to get married or have to go through a divorce? Don’t do it without Islamic guidance. Get the Sharia help you need – fill your details here.

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Are you finding it hard to find a Sharia court UK has? Sharia Office is headquartered at Bradford, with branch offices in Rotherham and Dewsbury. We serve the Muslim community across the entire UK with Sharia law procedures and marital counselling & mediation. Request a call back now.
Sharia Court UK
Muslims living in the UK are always worried about following the right Sharia procedures for marriage (Nikah) and divorce (Talaq and Khula). It is very critical to perform these important procedures under the guidance of a qualified, reputed and authorized Sharia Mufti.
Islamic Sharia Council UK
Life in the UK is particularly stressful for Muslim married couples as they are constantly being exposed to the western way of life. Sometimes, the problems may even lead to divorce. Give your marriage a second chance, seek expert Sharia marriage counselling & mediation.

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Sharia Law considers Nikah as an essential life event and lays down specific Islamic procedures for a proper Islamic marriage, so the couple may seek Allah’s blessings.
In the unfortunate event that you have to go through an Islamic divorce, make sure that the Talaq and Khula are performed under expert Sharia supervision.
Are you having problems in your marriage that are ruining your quality of life? Our Sharia Office offers excellent marriage counselling and mediation to Muslim couples.

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Life for Muslims living in the UK is not as straightforward as the ones residing in traditional Islamic countries. You have to balance your life and actions every day between the western exposure and leading a life following Allah’s way by adhering to the teachings of Islam.
You are not living in a predominantly Islamic environment surrounded by practising Muslims. This makes it hard for you to know and practise the doctrines of the Holy Quran in your affairs. It is critical for you to have access to a competent Muslim Sharia Council UK offers.
Work with the most qualified, trustworthy and authorized experts from the best Islamic Sharia Council UK provides. Sharia offices in Rotherham and Dewsbury, working in tandem with their headquarters at Bradford, provide expert Sharia services to the entire UK Muslim community.
We help Muslims in the UK with significant life events like Islamic Marriage (Nikah) and Islamic Divorce (both Talaq and Khula). We also provide excellent counselling and mediation services to married couples in distress. We are open, honest, compassionate and fair in all our dealings.
Stay away from cheats who do not have the needed experience and qualification, and yet claim to be Sharia practitioners. Our Sharia Office consists of reputed scholars of the Hanafi school of thought and is widely accepted as the authoritative body with regards to the Sharia Law.
Our services are of the highest quality. You will never have to doubt the correctness of the Islamic procedures we follow and also the fairness and accuracy of judgement during our counselling and mediation sessions. Request a call back to seek help from the most reputed Muslim Sharia Council.