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About Us

Sharia Office is headquartered at Bradford, with branch offices in Rotherham and Dewsbury. We serve the Muslim community across the entire UK. Are you looking for help with Islamic marriages, divorces, mediation or counselling? Fill this form to get immediate Sharia help.

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Our Roots and Services

The Bradford Sharia Office was founded by Shaykh Harun Hussain Subhaani under the supervision of Shaykh Mufti Fazle Qayum Subhaani, with the goal of solving the marital issues and conflicts of Muslims living in the United Kingdom.
The Council consists of scholars of the Hanafi school of thought and is widely accepted as the authoritative body with regards to the Sharia Law. Our services include Islamic Marriage (Nikah), Islamic Divorce (Talaq and Khula), and Mediation & Counselling (specially tuned towards the Muslims living in the UK).

Our Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves to helping Muslims settled in the UK lead their lives following the laws of the country, while practicing the teachings of Islam and follow the path of Allah. Our goal is to be your trusted Sharia guide, mediator and counsellor, helping you with the accurate Islamic procedures for your life events and in your other times of need.
Our Sharia experts understand the struggles you have to go through of being a Muslim who has to interact with and is exposed to the tempting non-Islamic world on a daily basis. We strive to be honest and open in all our dealings.

Our Approach

Sharia Office is a professional body consisting of Sharia scholars that any Muslim can approach to seek help with their marital issues or questions about Muslim procedures for life events. We listen to each case patiently to ensure we gather all the details about the situation and people involved, before suggesting the right solution as per the Sharia Law.
We also appreciate that most people calling us may be in difficult marital situations – we handle our clients with compassion, sensitivity and ensure confidentiality (when needed), so you do not have to think twice before reaching out to us even in the most dire situations.
Our Sharia experts are highly professional, qualified, reputed, experienced and are authorized to handle matters related to Sharia Law. We strive to serve as many UK Muslims as we can, as part of our drive to be the most trusted Sharia Law experts in the UK – to that end, we keep our fees low and stay honest in all our dealings. Request a call back to know more or discuss your situation.
Bradford Sharia Office is our headquarter, which works closely with the Rotherham and Dewsbury branches to provide excellent, honest and cost-effective Sharia services to the entire UK Muslim community.

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