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As a Muslim residing in the UK, you are always looking to preserve your culture and ensure you stay true to Allah. Marriage is a very important part of life and you want to start on the right foot. Get the help you need, fill in this form now.

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Islamic Marriage is a serious commitment, not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure it is performed under the supervision of a qualified Mufti (trained and experienced in Sharia law) respected and trusted in the Muslim community.
Not only do you want to ensure that you get the best Islamic Nikah UK can host, but you are also concerned about the religious aspects.

Are you qualified for a Muslim marriage?

Before you go all out and announce your marriage plans and book the best Nikah services UK has to offer, check if you qualify for a Muslim marriage.
Sharia law lays down the eligibility requirements for both the man and woman to ensure that the Nikah is not performed between partners who are not ready for the commitment needed for leading the life as husband and wife, following the teachings of Islam.
Apart from the age restrictions that ensure both the boy and girl have attained puberty and reached a certain age (become baligh), there are other considerations to ensure the readiness of the couple for a Muslim marriage.
There is an important concept in Sharia law called Rushd. Rushd essentially means “maturity” or “ability to conduct yourself sensibly”. For both the partners to qualify for the Nikah, the husband has to qualify as a “Rashid” and the wife must be able to pass as a “Rashidah”. Sharia law is very careful in ensuring that both the partners tying the knot can discharge their respective duties of married life “sensibly”.
If you have any questions related to the eligibility of the man or woman before you start planning an Islamic marriage UK can host, help is right here. Our Sharia Office has been serving the UK Muslim community for many years and is well qualified in Islamic law to help you establish the marriage qualification criteria for the couple. Click here to request a call back from our Sharia experts.

Does Islam allow you to marry the person you have chosen?

As Muslims living in a western country, you probably are more open to meeting each other before the Nikah. As you are being constantly exposed to the modern traditions of the non-Muslim communities, you may be dreaming of an awesome Islamic Marriage UK can witness. There is nothing wrong in getting to know each other before choosing your partner.
In fact, Sharia law allows the intended partners to see one another. However, such meetings should only be used for the purpose of selection. Both the man and woman are also allowed to solicit and provide their opinions, without getting into “gheebat” (backbiting).
However, while you are probably going to ensure that your intended partner satisfies the general criteria of religiousness, good nature, compatibility, reason, physical and mental health, and come from a decent family, you may not be aware of the restrictions placed on your choice of spouse by Islamic law – these are typically driven by religious affiliations and blood relationship.

Does your relationship to the intended partner allow Nikah?

As far as marriage is concerned, specific categories of blood relations are not allowed by Islam – entering into a Nikah with them would be considered “haraam”, an act you never want to commit as a true god-fearing Muslim. In general, you cannot marry anyone who is your “mahram”. Who all are considered Mahram? Here is a list to guide you:
  • For the man: daughter, mother, maternal aunt, paternal aunt, niece, foster sister, foster mother, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepdaughter, sister-in-law (as 2nd wife) and all married women.
  • For the woman: son, father, uncle, nephew, maternal uncle, foster brother, husband of foster mother, stepson, father-in-law and son-in-law.
Note that this is not a comprehensive list and only an expert in Islamic law knows all the intricacies that dictate the scope of all relations that are forbidden from entering a Muslim marriage. Don’t fall in the trap of committing “haraam”, request a call back from the most trusted providers of Nikah services UK has to offer.

Does your religion allow you to enter a Muslim marriage?

The religion of the man and woman intending to tie the holy knot is also a huge dilemma for anyone looking for an Islamic Nikah UK Muslim community and the worldwide Islamic followers will recognize.
For instance, as per Sharia, a Shia Muslim man is allowed to marry either a Shia Muslim woman or a non-Shia Muslim woman. However, it may be considered “haraam” if there is a chance of being misled. A Shia Muslim woman is allowed to marry a Shia Muslim man or a non-Shia Muslim man (though it is not preferred and can lead to “haraam” if there is a threat of getting misled).
There are specific Islamic rules covering Nikah between Muslims and non-Muslims, and if you are in the United Kingdom, do not take any harsh decisions without first consulting a qualified expert in Islamic Nikah UK can offer. We have offices in Bradford, Rotherham and Dewsbury – we provide our excellent Sharia law related services all across the UK.

What about the customs that must be part of any Islamic Nikah UK hosts?

Once you have crossed the hurdles of ensuring both the bride and groom qualify for a Muslim marriage, it is time to turn your attention to actual Islamic marriage UK is going to see. For starters, you want to make sure all the critical aspects of Nikah like “Mahr” are taken care of – for instance, ensuring all the parties promise payment of the “Mahr” by way of Moajjal (immediate), Muwajjal (later) or Indat-talab (on demand).
Next, it is critical that the Nikah ceremony must be performed under the supervision of an experienced and qualified Sharia expert who has the authority to conduct a Muslim marriage. The aspects of seeking permission of the bride (her father/grandfather in specific cases), time of marriage and the process of making the right pronouncements during the proceedings cannot be ignored and must be performed as per Sharia law.
Your Nikah is one of the most important events of your life, you cannot take any chances with it. Retain the best Nikah services UK has to offer, so you know you are doing everything right and your marriage will be blessed by Allah.
Our UK Sharia Office has been serving the UK Muslim community for many years and is one of the most trusted for all Islamic concerns of the local community. We pride ourselves in being honest and experts in Sharia law. We provide our excellent Nikah services at very reasonable fees:
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