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Islam is a beautiful religion that keeps humanity on the top. Being a muslim you are blessed to be on a path that is so beautiful and free from errors. In islam we have a wriiten rule for every facet of life.
So, in a nutshell, above from being the best religion of peace, islam is also a guidebook for living the perfect life. One facet or element of life is the relationship between a husband and wife. Here too islam has clear cut rules for conduct, the rules which are meant to boost the love and intimacy between the couple. Those who follow the rules have a very intimate married life even after 20 years of marriage. The spark remains alive and things become healthier.
Another reality of human relationships including marriages is that they do face troublesome times. In case that is happening with you then sharia council Birmingham is there to help you understand your nuptial issues and provide a resolution to them. In case things don’t still fare well for you guys and separation is the only way out then Birmingham sharia council divorce is the way ahead.
Divorce or talaak is a complex process in islam and it is not so convineant as we see in the movies. It is not like a husband says triple talaq and divorce will happen. There is a proper way for it and this procedure can only be conducted under the guidance of Birmingham sharia council, provided you live in its jurisdiction.

How does it Work?

Islam actually does not support divorce, as a religion divorce is the last resort and there are rules and regulations that strictly govern the entire process. As we mentioned before it is not like the way they depict it in movies.
If a couple is desirous of talaq, then after the first talaq is uttred, they are supposed to connect with sharia council. Here the expert islamic judges and scholars will listen to the couple and understand what is the route cause of the tussle. Sometimes it is lack of regular physical intimacy that is the cause, sometimes there are other elements. Nevertheless, whatever might be the case, the council gives ample opportunities and help to the couple to reconcile their differences and become one again.
However even after the best efforts the couple cannot be on the same page with their marriage then a divorce is solemnised and the couple is educated about the way ahead. They are told about the procedure in case they want to be together after sometime.


Islam is a religion of peace and love, we have our beautiful ways to live life and take care of any issues. Do connect with us to know more about the services that are offered at Birmingham sharia council. A peaceful life awaits you.

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