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Are you looking for help with an Islamic marriage or divorce in the UK? Do you need counselling or mediation to deal with a life situation as a UK Muslim? Are you seeking Islamic guidance to live a Muslim life in the UK? Get the expert Sharia help you need – fill in this form now.

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As a Muslim living in the UK, you are frequently faced with situations where you need guidance to make sure that you are not straying from the path of Allah. At best, you could end up committing a small sin, but some acts may lead to “haraam” – something no Muslim wants to indulge in.
Similarly, marriages and divorces are complex affairs and can lead to complicated situations if they are not performed by following the right Muslim traditions and Islamic procedures. Our Sharia Office is a reputed and known authority on Sharia law. Request a call back to seek our services.
Nikah is a very important landmark in the life of both the man and woman. It is critical that you do not enter the vows of living together without following the correct Islamic procedures. Not doing so may result in your relationship not being recognised by the Muslim community.
Divorce initiated by man (talaq) and the one requested by the wife (khula) are both complicated affairs. A lot is at stake and not engaging competent UK-based Islamic legal services in time may result in huge problems for all parties down the road. Avoid such situations.
Life in the UK can be confusing for Muslims living in the UK as they are constantly having to struggle with living an Islamic life while engaging with the western world. Our mediation & counselling services help you stay on the path of Allah, avoid committing sins and engaging in “haraam”.

Islamic Legal Services in the UK

If you are a god-fearing Muslim living in the UK, you want to make sure that you do not stray from the path of Allah in your day to day life, while interacting with the western world, and following the local laws and regulations. Get your family the help they need for doing so too.
Our Sharia Office provides Islamic legal services along with counselling/mediation to help the UK Muslim community. We have offices in Bradford, Rotherham and Dewsbury. Our Sharia experts are highly experienced, qualified, reputed and are authorized for practicing Sharia law. Request a call back to discuss your situation and seek our guidance.

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