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Islam is a way of life, those who follow it properly would seldom face any issues in their life. That being said, we all are humans and its our tendency and nature to be influenced by bad things. Islam understands that overcoming human nature and cultural influences specially when you are living in a country that follows many religions and has diverse cultural values becomes difficult.
At times it is the influence of the area you live in and at times followers of Islam face genuine relationship issues that if left unresolved would eventually ruin ones moral life. To prevent that from happening Sharia council dewsbury was formed. Islam as everyone in the world is aware of is a religion of peace and love. Having harmony in every facet of life is the ultimate objective of a muslim.
Our practices and religious texts tell us to be in harmony with everything around us and live a perfect life. From food practices to nuptial relationship Islam guides its followers completely. There is a written rule for every facet of married life too. As followers of Islam divroce is the last resort and something that our learned Imams and other Islamic scholars actually dont like.
Married life is the basis of growth, it should always be in perfect harmony. From physical relations to moral ones, there is a clearly defined code of conduct in Islam. Our great religion teaches us perfectly how to conduct ourselves as a married couple. However once you live in a multicultural land being a follower of islam you have to live in harmony with other people also. Needless to say that the culture of the land does have its impact on everything including us the muslims. This creates a rift between our system and what our younger generation is exposed to.
As we said Islam is all about creating harmony, so it is important that those who are about to enter an islamic marriage be counselled beforehand on the expectations and behaviours of a husband and wife following islam. In the areas where this is not done, issues in marriage do happen sooner or later.
If you think that your marriage is undergoing great distress and living together is no longer viable, then we would recommend visiting our sharia council divorce dewsbury experts to resolve the issues. There are many steps to be followed before a divorce can be done in Islam. It is not what you see in movies that saying triple talaq would make it binding. Islam is a religion of equality too and it gives equal rights to man and wife.
If you wish to seek our help then sharia council dewsbury contact number can easily found on our site contact page.Call us for a consultative session appointment and our expert counselors will help you resolve your issue. Even after our assistance, if you guys feel like going ahead with the divorce then we will move the process forward and wish for your good life ahead.

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