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Do You Need Relationship Problems Counselling in the UK?

Relationship Problems Counselling
Every marriage goes through its own ups and downs. It happens more frequently to Muslim couples living in the UK as they have to balance their Islamic lives with the western ways of living on a daily basis. This puts a lot of pressure on both the partners to ensure they don’t falter from the teachings of the Holy Quran. In many cases, it eventually leads to increased fights, reduced communication and lack of trust among the partners.
Seeking the help of counsellors is very common in the western world. People visit therapists and psychiatrists regularly to address their issues and lead a happy life. However, when it comes to the Muslim community, relationship problems counselling is somewhat of a taboo.

Why is Relationship Problems Counselling More Important for UK Muslims?

If you think about it, the non-Muslims living in the UK are in an environment that matches their lifestyle. This is not the case with UK Muslims, who have to make conscious adjustments to their lives so they can lead their life in a non-Muslim country while staying faithful to the teachings of Islam. This leads to unique marital problems, as there is no one to guide the couple on how to lead a fulfilling and happy life as an ideal Muslim couple. This makes it even more critical for Muslim married partners in the UK to use relationship problems counselling more often.
The problems arising in Muslim marriages are very different from the ones that non-Muslim couples face. Also, the relationship problems counselling has to be backed by in-depth knowledge of Quran for it to be effective for Islam following married Muslims.
Sometimes, couples try to seek relationship problems counselling within the family, by talking to an elderly relative. This does not work in most cases for various reasons. Their views on you and your marriage are tainted by their own beliefs and prejudices. You need an impartial entity who has the professional skills and experience to handle sensitive marital issues that arise out of a Muslim Marriage (Nikah).
Do not make the rash decision of rushing into a divorce (Talaq or Khula). The aftermath of separation (in most cases) is full of bitter memories, broken families, destroyed childhoods, mental ailments and monetary problems. It is better to seek professional help from a competent Islamic scholar, someone who is dedicated to helping the UK Muslim community selflessly.
Our highly experienced and qualified Sharia experts have been serving the UK Muslim community tirelessly for many years. They have helped a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters with relationship problems counselling & mediation. We serve the Muslim population in the entire UK from our offices in Rotherham and Dewsbury, along with our headquarters at Bradford. Request a call back now.

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