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Are You “Unhappily” Married? Get Islamic Marriage Advice in the UK.

Islamic Marriage Advice
Everything in your life was perfect till you made the foolish decision of entering into Nikah with this person you can’t seem to stand now. You did everything right – the Islamic marriage was performed in accordance with the Muslim traditions, and all the intricacies of the event (like Mahr) were properly handled under the guidance of a competent expert of the Holy Quran.
You have never cheated on your partner or done anything to hurt him/her and yet your life is a living hell. Then why did Allah not shower your married life with his blessings? Is it because you chose to live in the UK and not a traditional Muslim country – did you make any other mistakes to invite Allah’s wrath?
There are more questions than answers. You don’t know what to do and wish there was someone you could share your deepest feelings with. Somebody who would understand what you are going through and help you find a way to happiness. Sounds familiar?
Well, you are not alone. Life in the UK can be hard for Muslims. You are constantly torn between the tempting western way of life and keeping your faith in Allah intact. As a Muslim in a foreign country, the expectations on you to be right are much higher than the non-Muslims. And most Muslim couples do not have the benefit of living in traditional Islamic settings, which makes it even more difficult to know and follow the teachings of Islam for a happy married life.

Should You Seek Islamic Marriage Advice?

Your life is already a mess, and you are probably headed towards divorce – one that will leave deep scars on your soul for the remainder of your life. Seeking timely Islamic marriage advice can help you in more ways than one:
  • You may feel better by having Allah’s representative hear you out and confide things you cannot speak to someone else about – due to shame, guilt or fear
  • You may find Islamic solutions to lead a happy life with your partner
  • You may be able to save your marriage
  • You may be able to make a mutually amicable decision to separate and proceed with divorce (Talaq or Khula) using the right Islamic procedures.
Do not stay unhappy in your marriage. We, at Sharia Office, have many years of experience in helping the UK Muslim community with our marital mediation & counselling services, guided by our in-depth knowledge of the teachings of Islam. Request a call back to get the best Islamic marriage advice in the UK.

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